Campaign for schools in the US to monitor, inform and educate about air pollution.

Who are we?

At Airly, we provide air quality monitoring solutions for schools and local governments around the world. We currently operate one of the largest global networks of air quality sensors, and display this data for anyone in the world to view for free via our mobile application and online map. Our sensors are calibrated to accurately measure air quality in a wide range of conditions.

What is Airly for Schools?

Monitor, inform, educate.

#LetSchoolsBreathe is our campaign to install air quality sensors in the US’s most polluted schools.

Good air quality is crucial to promoting and improving children’s health. The first step towards improving air quality is improving overall awareness by making air quality data more accessible to school staff, parents, and children. Air quality has recently come to the forefront of political discourse in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. Air quality and its effects on the health of children have recently been given significant legal and scientific attention during a landmark court case in which air pollution was found to have been the direct cause of death of Ella Kissi-Debrah, a nine year old girl suffering from asthma. We are offering schools the opportunity to arm their staff, students, and communities with easily accessible and understandable air quality data on and around their campuses.

The offer is simple: an Airly sensor which measures particulate matter (PM) and gases for a 6 month period, completely free of charge.

The sensor will monitor outdoor levels of Particulate Matter (PM1, PM2.5, and PM10) and dangerous pollutant gases like NO2 which is particularly harmful to children. Our devices monitor ambient emission levels 24 hours a day and provide updated concentration data every 5 minutes. This data is available to view for free on an easy to use, color coded air pollution map via our Airly Mobile Application or desktop map (airly.org/map/en). Airly can also integrate the sensor data directly into school district websites or any alert system and mobile platform via a widget.

Our goal

Throughout the 6 months your school will have the sensor we aim to help engage parents, the community, and your local governments by providing them with essential data about the air your school children are exposed to. With this data, schools, parents, and governments can act in a multitude of ways to better protect their students. Schools can make changes to school activities and student schedules to better mitigate student’s exposure to dangerous emissions, while governments can use the data to identify significant emission sources in and around the schools. This information will make a compelling case to your local governments to implement control measures that improve air quality.

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Second step

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Third step

We will be in touch with you directly to discuss next steps and inform you if your school is chosen.

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Where will devices go?

Who will put them up, and when?

How long will it take?

How long will they stay up and what will happen afterwards?

How can I share my data with the school community?

What educational benefit will this have?

How secure are they? Who is liable in case of damage or theft?

What permissions are required?

Can other people see the school’s data?

What happens if the air quality figures are bad or break legal limits?

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