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Airly for Individuals and Families

Your involvement matters

You can expand the reach of Airly network as an individual investor, by buying one or few air quality sensors for your own use.

No technical knowledge needed

The installation process is very easy. After receiving your sensor, you can simply attach it and connect it to the power supply. We do the rest remotely. You should receive your first reading in less than 24 hours.

Make a difference

Your commitment to expanding the knowledge about air quality in your area will certainly be of great value for you, your family and the entire local community.

Inspire others

If you can’t afford to finance a sensor yourself, we can help you to launch a crowdfunding campaign to engage your local community to raise funds for a device. Our team will be happy to support your efforts and share our experience for a successful campaign.


The sensors measure air quality in your area in real-time. The information is available for free on Airly's mobile and desktop maps.

Clear and easy to understand interface helps you interpret the air quality data in seconds

If you are going jogging or taking your kids to school, you will know which part of the day is the safest and when should you take your anti-smog mask with you

Integrate the air quality sensors with your indoor air purifier so it will switch on remotely when the concentration of pollution increases

Adjustable alerts can will inform you about rapid changes in air quality wherever you are

Crowdfunding case study:



"Breathe Romania"

The campaign managed to raise funds for 78 new Airly sensors. Adding our previously installed devices, in total, we installed 101 Airly sensors in 18 cities all across Romania!

Half of the 78 new sensors were sponsored by our Partners – Philips Romania, who also gave discount vouchers for air purifiers to every buyer or donor involved in the #RomaniaRespira Campaign.

The #RomaniaRespira campaign helped to cover 400 km2 surface with Airly sensors. With the state reference stations, it now makes a total of 1000 km2 covered by air quality measurements!

Airly sensors are now installed in 41 Romanian cities.

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