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Airly for Science & Research

Pushing the knowledge forward

Our rich database is a desirable and valuable source of knowledge for scientists and university researchers.

Get the big picture

Airly has been systematically aggregating air quality data for several years, recording air quality measurements every few minutes from over 4,000 own sensors. This precision makes Airly a unique and brilliantly accurate source of information about what people breathe.

Going further

The flexible nature of our solutions means that our sensors can reach places where air quality measurements have not previously been taken. This gives science an unprecedented opportunity to analyze air in unique and unstudied locations.

Custom data at your service

Our customer panel gathers the historic results from every active device. Allowing us to prepare customised reports including detailed measurements of specific pollutants and weather conditions, within a selected time range and location.


A wide range of data recorded continuously over the past few years

Ability to generate specific reports

Air quality data from places where measurements were not previously available

Unbiased data

Possibility of installing your own sensors

Data from a broad network of sensors recording continuously

Historic data, including detailed breakdown of readings

Possible use cases:

Medical research analysing the impact of air pollution on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases

Air quality analysis to plan optimal road traffic

Research on the long-term health impact on people in areas suffering from smog

Quality analysis in extreme conditions, reaching places where measurements have not been carried out before

Air quality analysis for industrial companies

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Heavily polluting industries

Smart buildings/Smart cities

Telco companies