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Airly AI unlocks growth
for air quality consultants

Instant data collection and validation.

All the data you need from the Local Authority, Defra, Environment Agency and more - all downloaded, processed and assembled. No more searching websites, filling webforms, converting file formats, and struggling with version control or folder on folder of data files.

Automated GIS mapping of development area.

Monitoring sites, roads, receptors, traffic and more - all mapped. So you can select from recommendations the desired modelled domain, and instantly generate ADMS files.

Comprehensive check of local policy.

The relevant paragraph of local planning instantly found, flagged, and synthesised for your report. So you can be confident your methodology and decisions are compliant.

AI-powered, but consultant-led, report write-up.

Your report template, your company tone of voice, your professional judgement. But with time-saving tools to instantly insert tables, figures, and text snippets.

All data in one system

Air Quality Assessments require data concerning the development area from various sources, including the Local Authority, DEFRA, the Environment Agency, and others. We download, process and compile all necessary data to reduce the time required for this task by 100%.

Save time Save time

Less time spent drafting reports, checking reports, and onboarding new team members.

Unlock growth Unlock growth

Invest saved time in business development. Win more work.

Improve quality & consistency Improve quality & consistency

Focus effort on improving the assessment, not tracing roads.

Number of assessments monthly done by your team:

10 assessments

Average working time per assessment:

8 days

Monthly time saved by your team

640 h

Monthly value created


Annual value created

£ 0

ROI for you!


We believe in the power of expertise. That's why we spent hundreds of hours collaborating closely with AQ Consultants at Airly to create a solution that transforms your workflow.

We placed experts in AQ Consulting at the very heart of our product development journey. Their invaluable insights and hands-on experience were crucial in shaping a solution that is adept at addressing real-world challenges.

Our collaboration with AQ Consultants is underpinned by the credibility and pioneering work of our founding team that has been at the forefront of air quality management for almost 10 years. Airly’s cutting-edge software utilizes an extensive network of sensors and DEFRA stations to meticulously analyze and manage air quality.

By merging the insights from AQ Consultants with the technological prowess and credibility of Airly, we have crafted a product that is not just a tool, but a transformative experience for our users. This synergy ensures that our solution is grounded in expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of your needs, promising not just to meet but to exceed your expectations.

Technology like Airly can open so many doors in the consultancy world through increased efficiency in delivery of assessments which is a key driver for clients. The air quality consultancy world is fast-paced and dynamic so harnessing AI to reduce data collection time and minimise input errors will help us to ensure we can provide our clients with the quality of work they know and trust us for, whilst ensuring the quantity of delivery can keep up with their demand.

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Marta Steiner

VP of Products

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The consultant (user) enters various details about a scheme into the Airly platform, which then pulls together the relevant location data from public and private sources. Airly supports the consultant to rapidly define the modelled domain and generate ADMS input files. Airly also prepares tables, figures, and text snippets - available through an MS Word plug-in to greatly speeding up report drafting.

The data sources used by Airly are the same trustworthy sources used by air quality consultants. We use mapping data from Ordnance Survey, local policy from Council Websites, local monitoring results from ASRs, background concentrations from DEFRA, ecological receptors from Environment Agency. In addition we include links to the sources of our data, so the user can review the source themselves if needed.

Yes. We understand the investment involved in refining your report template and written summaries of policy context and methodology. Therefore Airly works as an MS Word plug-in, allowing you to instantly and automatically insert data into your existing report template.