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Installation of Airly sensors. What should we pay attention to

Airly air quality sensors are an invaluable source of knowledge about the air we breathe. However, in order for the measurements from our devices to be as effective and useful as possible, we must ensure compliance with specific rules. Here they are.

How do you install the Airly sensor properly?

Installation of the Airly sensor is very simple. It should be placed at a height between 1.5m and 8m, on the special mounting panel included with the sensor, which sticks to many outdoor surfaces, for example a window frame. You don’t need to drill anything. After installation, the sensor should be connected to electricity, via an ordinary socket, and the cable should be “let” inside through the window seal. The sensor must be powered constantly, and cannot be disconnected from the power supply. Watch the video with assembly instructions:

After connecting, go to this page installation.airly.org and fill out the form. After up to two working days, the sensor will be visible on map.airly.eu

What to Avoid When Installing an Airly Air Quality Sensor

It is worth remembering the rules that should be followed when installing Airly devices. First of all, please bear in mind that Airly sensors should be installed at an appropriate distance from the source of pollution or dust. Why?

Placing the sensor too close to the source and in a direct stream of dust or air pollutants can cause the measurements to be significantly higher compared to ambient concentrations. The same applies to placing Airly devices in the immediate vicinity of chimneys and air conditioners.

Also, Airly sensors are not intended for indoor use. Indoor concentrations vary from outdoor concentrations, and their measurement is dependent on many other factors. For devices for measuring indoor air quality, it is worth using specialized sensors manufactured by companies like Airthings.

Where can you buy the Airly sensor?

If you want to install the Airly sensor, you can purchase it in our online store. If you are interested in purchasing more devices, please contact us via the contact form.

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