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Qualitair Corse

Title: Enhancing Air Quality Management in Corsica using Airly Sensors: A Case Study of Qualitair Corse Project description This case study examines how Qualitair Corse […]

London Borough of Lambeth, United Kingdom

Improving Air Quality in the London Borough of Lambeth: A Case Study on Airly Air Quality Monitors Introduction Air pollution has become a pressing issue […]

Southampton City Council, United Kingdom

Air quality is a significant health concern for the community of Southampton. The Southampton City Council wanted to raise awareness of the causes of air pollution and the steps that can be taken to reduce emissions and exposure. This famous English port city has launched 7 Airly air quality monitors that measure pollution levels in real time.

Formula E – Care for the environment

Background: Formula E is a single-seater electric car racing series and it holds FIA world championship status starting in 2020. Developed by FIA president Jean […]

Gdańsk City Council

The city of Gdansk (Poland) has installed 35 Airly air quality sensors. Data from the sensors will allow the citizens to monitor pollution in every […]

Warsaw City Council

BACKGROUND Warsaw has been developing its air quality monitoring system since 2020, when the capital built two additional traffic and air quality stations of a […]

Birmingham City Council

PROJECT ASSUMPTIONS Air quality is a significant health concern for Birmingham. Birmingham City Council wanted to raise awareness of the causes of air pollution and […]

#LetSchoolsBreathe – UK School Campaign

Multiserwis – a company that cares about the health and safety of children from its region – #OpolskieOddycha campaign

Project background:  Multiserwis (part of Bilfinger Group) is a company from Krapkowice (Opolskie Voivodeship) providing industrial services. The company declares that sustainable development and social […]

Children learn about the climate with Airly, Veolia and Onet

Everyone recognizes the need for reliable, evidence-driven climate education in schools by field experts. Airly, which has been operating in Poland for many years to […]

Bolt Romania kicks off Green category with Airly

In April 2021, Bolt Romania decided to launch a new ride-type – Bolt Green. The ride-type uses only electric and hybrid cars.   

Travel and Hotels sector

What is the most important factor for travellers deciding where to spend summer vacation? It’s weather of course! While travelling during the summer, we want […]

Smart Building Management Systems Partnerships

Evotech Air Quality EAQ is a UK-based company specialising in building management systems. Recognising the great threat that air pollution poses to our health, they […]

Almere – Flevoland, The Netherlands

Almere is a planned city in the North-West part of the Netherlands with over 200k inhabitants. It struggles with issues of high pollution related to […]

Granada, Spain

Background: Granada is a city located on the foot of Sierra Nevada mountains in the southern part of Spain with over 250k inhabitants. The historical […]

Air purifier industry – Philips Romania in RomâniaRespiră campaign

Philips – is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, currently focused on health technology. One of the fastest growing departments is air […]

Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland

Example of implementation of the Airly Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring System on the example of the city of Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland. Background: There are 10 […]

Opole City, Poland

Opole City, Poland — this is a very important industrial area where air pollution exceeds tolerable levels for more than 60 days each year. The […]

Property Industry: Green Builders & Developers

Air Filter Supply AFS is a company based in California, USA. They provide multiple industries with industrial sized air filtration and HVAC machinery and tools. […]

Heavy Polluting Industries & Airly

Blue Sky Resources BSR is a consulting firm located in Colorado, US. They work with heavy polluting industries such as oil and gas producers and […]

Nafas – The Air Quality App Built For Jakarta

About Nafas: The Air Quality App Built For Jakarta. Jakarta’s largest network of air quality sensors, so everyone in Jakarta can have the most accurate […]

AVIVA – “I know what I breathe” campaign

AVIVA Foundation – was established in 2009 to support social integration and to activate actions for the common good. In 2017 and 2018, together with […]

Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire is a unitary authority area in the ceremonial county of Bedfordshire, England. It was created from the merger of two councils on 1 […]

Smart advertising for Decathlon Tarnow store

Decathlon is a large format international retail store which offers clothing, accessories, supplements, sporting goods and equipment. Background: Decathlon has invested in an Airly sensor […] is one of the largest Polish web portals owned by Ringel Axel Springer Media AG, and from 2018 has been displaying data about air […]

Mobile Smog Map

The idea behind the innogy Polska energy group is a Zero Emission Future, a vision of reality in which energy will be produced in an […]

Berlin Council

The major source of air pollution in Berlin, the capital of Germany is road traffic. Berlin City Council was searching for a method to detect […]

“The smog report” for TVN TV station

TVN is a major polish free to air TV station and a subsidiary of Discovery Inc. From 2019 it has been using Airly data for […]

Bolt kicks off Green category with Airly

In January 2021, Bolt Poland decided to launch a new ride-type – Bolt Green. The ride-type uses only electric and hybrid cars. 16 of the […]

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