Heavy Polluting Industries & Airly

Blue Sky Resources
BSR is a consulting firm located in Colorado, US. They work with heavy polluting industries such as oil and gas producers and large utilities throughout the US and provide them with air pollution monitoring services.

About our cooperation
BSR became an Airly customer in February after about 2 months of discussions regarding use cases and how our products could best be implemented into their sector. We provide them with flexibility to offer their clients. Prior to having us provide them with sensors, they were only offering clients the ability to monitor air pollution via spectroscopic analysis through a satellite imaging system. This is a useful tool for their field, but it does not allow the client to analyze air pollution on a more granular scale.

Project background
BSR will be using our devices on some of the project sites their customers have in operation. These sites include natural gas fracking wells, oil refineries, open pit copper and salt mines. Our devices will be used to identify problematic locations at a customers facilities so they can narrow down the high polluting sources within the properties that they can more effectively remove or produce more effective emission control measures.

This deal is all about exposure. BSR works with some of the largest oil and gas and utility companies in the nation, working with them and getting a great reputation with them is going to allow Airly to become a juggernaut in the consulting industry once our reputation and product reputation is well known.

The results of the cooperation with Airly
AS a result of us being used by BSR we have been able to retrieve from them a client list that they have, which has opened the door for marketing and contacts here in the US. We know who to identify and who to target online to begin conversations about getting other companies on board. We are of course not trying to interfere with theri business, but we will reach out to other companies similar to them and even to some of their customers about acquiring a network of their own. This deal is all about exposure, and it is getting Airly plenty of it.

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