Try Airly AI for air quality consultants and reduce the time spent on assessment preparation by 70%

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Airly provides you with an AI-driven air pollution forecast with over 95% accuracy, presented for the next 24-hour period, hour by hour.

Forecast for everyone

On the MyAirly map you can see the pollution forecast specified in the CAQI index. Our air quality prediction includes estimations of the state of pollution for the next day.

How does it work?

The innovative solution proposed by Airly is based on a cascade system of neural networks whose task is to predict the concentration of individual pollutants. We use a predictive algorithm applying machine learning procedures to predict the state of air pollution based on data from the past and estimation of forecasts of selected meteorological parameters such as wind strength, temperature or air humidity. Thanks to extensive research, our system for predicting the state of air quality is based on more than a dozen deep learning models, which are dedicated to individual Airly measurement stations and official pollution monitoring stations. Developed for air quality status prediction, Airly's solution is the only one in the world that has been learned on the largest data sets related to air quality.