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Social Impact

Impact Tracker helps public institutions and companies across industries build better connections with the communities in which they thrive and work for #RepairTheAir.

Impact Tracker features:

  • allow community interactions with Airly Sensors Network
  • analyze how much they impact the community by publishing sensors in Airly Map as well as in the Mobile App
  • educate communities by making air quality data publicly available
  • report in details how effective our customers are in educating their communities

What is it?

The Impact Tracker allows me to find out how many citizens reach the air quality data signaled by sensors located in the city. It gives a unique opportunity to follow the citizens behaviors, needs and expectations.

Who can use it?

The Impact Tracker is suitable for city halls, municipalities, counties as for companies which are leading CSR & eco projects and actions. The toll delivers the unique set of data about sensors location popularity with trends and patterns, as well as specific details about users behavior and demography.

How does it work?

Impact tracker monitors clicks on every sensor made by communities members registered on the Airly Map and on the Mobile App.

What's the impact?

Airly customers around the world from many different sectors have a new opportunity to build a stronger connection with communities engaged for the same mission #RepairTheAir. The tool allows them to do better educational work in the air pollution field by starting targeted programmes and activities for communities and with the communities participating.