We Are Airly

Together we can #RepairTheAir

Airly aims to empower communities by letting people see how good, or bad, the air they breathe really is. Armed with this information, together we can protect this most essential of life-substances and guard it for future generations.

The Airly origin story

The story of Airly begins in 2016 when three young alumni of AGH Technical University of Kraków were preparing to take part in a marathon during wintertime. Three friends felt the smog in the city made it harder to train and devised a system using air sensors to tell them where the cleanest air to train in was. As the project came into fruition, the team raised funds to build 100 air quality sensors and give them away to the people in different parts in Kraków to build a network in their home city. A worldwide revolution in the accuracy of air quality measurements has just begun. And the rest is history.

Doing something that matters

Since the beginning, Airly has built a network of over 4,000 sensors in 25 countries. We deliver trustworthy, real-time data about air pollution to millions of individuals and over 400 municipalities all across the world. We repeatedly see how important our work is in social terms, becoming an argument in public debate, media coverage or grassroots initiatives of people.

Dream big, Doing big

Airly is a place for brilliant-minded experts in their area that are not afraid to think outside the box.

Perks of working at Airly:

Ability to implement your own ideas

Real impact on the company's development

Satisfactory employment conditions

Work on socially important projects

We Are hiring

Come and join our team to experience our great work culture, friendly atmosphere and exciting challenges that make you grow every day.

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