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Dashboard gives an accessible overview or air quality in a customer's area. Thanks to the Dashboard, the customers can:

  • track and analyse insightful data in a given city and time, e.g. the best and the worst air quality results in a city,
  • reveal a dominant pollutant and learn about its potential sources,
  • analyse trends, progress and regress in fighting with air pollution,
  • check air quality data comparison in time and for given location,
  • track the results using Airly Map

Additional features

A customer can also easily find and analyse:

  • the AQ results in moving average 24 hours forecast for a given city and time,
  • the historical AQ results for a given city and time,
  • the AQ results hour by hour for a given city and time,
  • the AQ results for a given city and time in comparison to the results of a state,
  • while a customer checks AQ results for a specific hour using a chart, the system presents more results for that particular hour and shows the average AQ results for a chosen hour,
  • pollutants are reflected in the index scale, not in their concentration.

Zoom in the feature

The system presents the zoomed-in map with all sensors in a city. A customer can:

  • zoom in the map to see sensors located at specific streets,
  • click on a sensor spot - then the system presents detailed data about air pollution for a sensor.