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Good air quality is crucial to children's health, and the first step towards improving air quality is knowledge.

Birmingham City Council and Airly are providing schools in every ward with an Airly air quality sensor.

Our Airly sensor will monitor outdoor levels of Particulate Matter (PM) and dangerous pollutant gases including NO2, which is particularly harmful for children.

The sensors will monitor pollutants in real-time, 24 hours a day, in the immediate vicinity of your school. All interested parties, including parents, local community groups and officials, will be able to view this data for free on our mobile application or online map (airly.org/map/en). Individual schools will also be able to integrate the data directly into your school website via a widget.

The sensor is completely weatherproof and does not require any WiFi connection.

It is fitted with an LED light, where the colour corresponds to air quality in real time. In this way, your air quality sensor can serve as an helpful tool to inform community members that air quality is being monitored at that location.

Experienced engineers from Evotech Air Quality will be conducting the installations with a pre-visit survey sent out to each school involved in the project by Birmingham City Council, informing them what to expect.

We also have the installation questionnaire available to download here. Participating schools can send their responses directly to birminghamschools@evotechairquality.co.uk

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For any questions or concerns related to installations, please contact Evotech Air Quality


For any questions or concerns related to the sensors or data visualisation, please contact Airly


For any questions or concerns related project coordination, please contact Birmingham City Council


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