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Mobile App

Making air quality information available for all Monitor the quality of the air you are breathing.

See the quality of the air you are breathing

In our free Android, Huawei and iOS app, you can see what air you're currently breathing from over 5000 locations where our sensors are installed. You can also check the data from state stations from all over the world!

The beauty of valuable data

In our app, the data is given in a comprehensive and visually attractive form - apart from the few numbers that speak; we also provide intuitive colour coding, percentage overruns and short informative comments on the current situation.

Know when to go out

Thanks to the app, you can find out where and when you can go for a walk, let your child go to the playground, or have outdoor sports. We offer users several valuable features, such as setting up favourite places where you can quickly check air quality or pollution forecast for the next 24 hours.

The Airly app available on Smart Watch

Every Apple Watch and Huawei Watch user can conveniently check the current air quality data based on geolocation and receive an air pollution forecast for the next 12 hours. The users can also set air quality measurements as a fixpoint on the main display and receive notifications about the exceeded pollution levels. The data are displayed both in the European CAQI scale and the American AQI.

Democratizing the air quality data

Our app is intuitive, easy to use and more importantly, it shows accurate data about air quality; thanks to this, a lot of people trusted us, and now we have:
2 Million App downloads
1 Million active users of our online maps per month
40 000 locations

Get notified

You can turn on the air quality notifications in our app so you can be notified about the changing air conditions. You will receive a push message whenever the air pollution gets above or below the safe level.

The Airly app on Apple Watch

The best air quality data is now within your reach.

Air pollution levels on the home screen of your watch