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About Airly

We’re changing the way you see
the air you breathe.

Our goal is to make air quality visible and understandable to all, because knowledge and education are the first steps towards successfully tackling air quality problems.

Our Aims

Increase social awareness

By sharing information about the meaning of air quality and the threat we are exposed to.

Inspire behaviour change

By empowering citizens around the globe to demand cleaner air and motivating greater levels of engagement in the air quality debate.

Democratise air quality information

By the collection and provision of independent, impartial data.

Improve data accuracy

By building the biggest and densest global air quality monitoring network in the world.


Accurate air quality data is essential for effective action towards improving the air around us. We provide tools that help to improve the lives of individuals and whole communities.

Our Product

We create innovative and effective tools for measuring the air quality. Providing the most reliable, real-time data about air pollution to the largest possible number of people.

We are Airly

Our aim is to empower communities by letting people see how good, or bad, the air they breathe really is. Armed with this information, together we can protect this most essential of life-substances and guard it for future generations.

Our Partnerships

Airly cooperates with local and international municipalities, businesses and media who care about the quality of air that we all breathe. We pride ourselves on partnerships with many significant companies and local governments, whose comprehensive experience enriches and improves our mission every day.



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