Evening Roundtable: Air Quality and Communities of Colour

UK100, with the All-party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution and supported by Airly, is pleased to invite you to a public facing roundtable exploring the […]

Airly Selects The People’s Network to Track Air Quality Around the Globe

With the Network live in over 2,300 cities around the globe, new user, Airly, will empower millions of individuals with knowledge about the air they […]

Interpreting air quality data for the city of Minsk with isofix (heat) map using machine learning technologies and analytics

Airly, together with local partner VidaLink, aims to exchange environmental data analytics technologies and improve the visualization process. Airly will expand further the sensor network […]

Smog – definition, effect and causes, what is air pollution?

Smog – definition and information about the phenomenon The word “smog” is a combination of the English words “smoke” and “fog”. This combination of words […]

What is PM2.5 and PM10? Info about particulate matter (particle pollution)

Suspended particulate matter: what is PM10 and what is PM2.5? Atmospheric aerosols PM2.5 – the most harmful pollution PM2.5 are atmospheric aerosols with a maximum […]

Airly launches a second wave of the successful campaign with Philips in Romania

Philips Romania and Airly continue to expand the first independent air quality monitoring network in Romania through the “Romania breathes” campaign. At the beginning of […]

The fundamental connection between air pollution, the coronavirus and health

As countries that had successfully battled coronavirus begin to return to partial lockdowns, a worldwide second wave of infection, exacerbated by cooler weather that sends people back indoors, is growing more likely by the day. It has now been more than half a year since Covid-19 began to spread around the world and after the initial onslaught, there has been enough time to analyse where the virus has hit the hardest and to put forward theories as to the causes.

Sources of air quality data – API and custom reports

Sources of air quality data – API and custom reports Information about the air quality is not an easy piece of content to deliver to […]

Airly raises $2M. A word from Airly’s CEO Wiktor Warchałowski

When we were starting out, the goal was to provide ultra-local, accurate, predictive air pollution data for our own city. Right now, Airly is available […]

Airly raises $2m for global air quality platform

Airly, Inc. today announced a $2m pre-seed round to scale its AI-powered air quality platform globally. Airly’s sensors and software provide ultra-local, accurate, predictive air […]

Return to school: is COVID the biggest threat?

On the 1st September, pupils in many European countries will have returned to schools after a long period of e-learning, amidst a flurry of worry […]

#RomaniaRespira campaign helps to build air quality monitoring network in 18 Romanian cities

78 air quality sensors in 18 cities all across Romania. Airly just announced the final results for #RomaniaRespira crowdfunding campaign with Philips Romania. The goal […]

Airly sensor in SGH Warsaw School of Economics

There is already an Airly sensor working at the main building of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. The device has been financed from the student-doctoral […]

Exchange of Air Pollution Monitoring and Forecasting Solutions Using Machine Learning Technologies and Analytics

The first 12 air quality sensors will be installed in Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev and Gomel as a step for further development in the […]

Urban green as a remedy for air pollution? Our analysis

Author: Marcin Szwagrzyk There is a positive impact of green areas on the air quality 1% more of urban forest area in the surrounding of […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Airly’s air quality prediction system

Piotr A. Kowalski, PhD, D.Sc., prof. AGH – machine learning expert in Airly Good morning! Ladies and Gentlemen, the topic of today’s lecture will be […]

AirTalks by Airly: Let’s repair the air #2: Jenny Bates [Interview]

We need to make it easy for people, we have to make the alternatives available – says Jenny Bates, talking about ways we can handle […]

AirTalks by Airly: Let’s repair the air #1: Dario Caro [Interview]

“Pollution influences coronavirus in terms of lethality” – says Dario Caro from the Aarhus University (Denmark), the first guest of “AirTalks by Airly” – our […]

A robot forecaster works for Airly

The autonomous meteorologist is developing advanced air pollution forecasts for Airly. The forecast of air pollution is a very difficult conceptual and computational task, requiring […]

How media publishers can benefit from using Airly’s air quality data?

Airly‘s groundbreaking AI-driven air quality system delivers real-time updates about air pollution in your particular location. As on a few solutions in the world, Airly […]

Everything you should know about air pollution

What is it air pollution? Smog is unnatural atmospheric phenomenon, which it is in the coexistence of chemical compounds and dust in our atmosphere. These […]

Airly – world’s first urban network of air quality sensors

#AirlyBirds contest and almost 100 sensors implemented in Krakow In October 2016, just a few weeks after the start-up Airly was officially registered, a few […]

Can Airly sensors store data?

Yes, it is done using the measurement data retention system. By default, measurements data are an average of 5 minutes interval and are sent to […]