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What Diseases Do Air Pollution Cause?

Although an increasing number of people realizes how important the air quality is and how serious the repercussions of various pollutants are, not many of us are aware that regular exposure to harmful substances can have a tremendously negative impact on our health. What are some of the most serious air pollution related diseases and how to control the amount of toxic pollutants in the air you breathe in?

Diseases due to air pollution — how are they caused?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term smog — it’s a combination of two popular words, “fog” and “smoke”. Smog is created as the result of human activity and refers to air pollutants and harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide, carbon black and nitrogen oxides. Usually, this phenomenon can be observed in autumn and winter, when people use a variety of materials to heat their homes and bad weather frequently forces them to commute to work or school by car or by bus.

Unfortunately, smog is very harmful to our health and may cause a wide range of diseases associated with air pollution.

Air pollution and associated diseases — what should you watch out for?

Although we frequently make very little of public service announcements informing about poor air quality, it should be borne in mind that long-term exposure to smog and pollutants can cause:

  • chronic respiratory diseases,
  • heart attacks,
  • strokes,
  • asthma,
  • various types of cancer, including lung cancer,
  • respiratory and circulatory problems,
  • obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Moreover, lack of quality air can have a negative impact on your mood and energy levels.

diseases associated with air pollution

How to minimize the risk of air pollution related diseases?

Although it’s impossible to magically clean the surrounding air, you can always try to minimize your exposure to toxic substances. This, in turn, should decrease the chances of having one of the air pollution related diseases.

If you’re looking for an effective way to monitor the level of harmful air compounds, check out Airly mobile app to be able to effectively assess the quality of substances you breathe in.

Want to learn more about air pollution and its impact on health? Read our entry describing how smog affects our bodies.

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