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Report Generator

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Allows more complex view of the air quality results, a customer can see all sensors in a chosen city at once on the sensors list. The sensors list presents:

  • sensor ID,
  • sensor's location with sorting A-Z, Z-A option,
  • the chosen air quality index,
  • the trend for a specific sensor (based on comparison to the previous time period - 24h, 7 days, 30 days, 365 days),
  • the sensor status (active/inactive).

Air Quality charts

Ready to-be-downloaded Air Quality Charts allow a customer to:

  • analyse air quality data for a given sensor or a group of sensors in time,
  • compare air quality results to a region,
  • track trends and progress or regress for a specific pollutant or a group of pollutants,
  • analyse air quality results hour by hour and day by day for a predefined and custom period of time.

Report Generator features

Report Generator was created for customers who work with air quality data on a daily basis. The comprehensive set of filters allow customers to:

  • search data by cities, locations, pollutants in a predefined or custom period of time,
  • analyse air quality data thanks to various charts that show user-selected data ranges and dimensions,
  • analyse trends and insights created automatically based on the results,
  • benchmark specific set of data to a region,
  • download air quality data to CSV and PNG files.