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Airly for Local Governments

For governments that care

Improving living standards and taking care of the natural environment are crucial challenges every local government faces. Airly's Data Platform is a perfect and complete tool to show that local authorities care about the well-being of their inhabitants.

How Airly is helping local governments:

Inform policy development, like low-emission zones (LEZ) | Birmingham City Council, UK

Situation: As part of their clean air strategy, Birmingham city council wanted to explore options to improve air quality in the city centre to make it more attractive to visitors and businesses.

Action enabled by Airly: Birmingham installed a 70 sensor Airly network to inform policy development. Specifically, the analysis of data from the sensors allows Birmingham to forecast the benefit from the introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and design the perimeter of the scheme to maximise air pollution benefits with minimal traffic disruption. Then track the benefit of the scheme to justify prolongation or extension to a larger area.

Inform design of build environment and urban planning, e.g., “green school streets” | Bedford / Lambeth Councils, UK.

Situation: As part of their clean air strategies, Bedford and Lambeth wanted to explore options to improve air quality around local schools to protect children.

Action enabled by Airly: The Airly network at local schools identified NO2 and PM from vehicular traffic as the main cause of pollution. This analysis allowed the local authorities to design the introduction of “green school streets” (banning vehicle access at drop-off and pick-up) as well as forecast and track the benefits for the children. In addition, schools can make informed decisions on when the air is safest to allow children to play outside.

Our offer

Hyper-local and easy to start

Governmental reference stations providing air quality data are very costly and few in number. Studies show that air quality can vary considerably at a distance of 200 metres. Airly's Data Platform is a perfect solution for both big cities and communes that want to develop more extensive and hyper-local air quality measurements, and for smaller places where air quality measurements haven't been taken before.

A complete solution

Our platform consists of a full set of tools to run real-time air quality monitoring. We deliver a complete solution to measure, analise,track and forecast air quality.

A great fit for all

Thanks to the SaaS access/payment model, we can cover cities and municipalities with dozens of measurement points (sensors) and provide an advanced system for analysing and presenting data in a way that is understandable to residents. Our solutions are always adapted and individualised to the needs of a specific local authority and community. Our solutions will meet the requirements of every local government.

Proven know-how

We already cooperate with over 400 local governments, and more than 4,500 of our devices are in operation worldwide. As a result, we have gained a unique experience in serving the local governments in the best way possible.

Benefits for local government:

Tailored data-backed recommendations - policies, initiatives and behavioural changes - to reduce pollution, reduce exposure, and improve health

Understanding patterns and trends and identifying sources of pollution

Essential tool to point out the sources of pollution and plan corrective actions

Building an image of responsible, eco-friendly local government

Tools to share real-time air quality information with citizens and communities

Air pollution initiatives to attract new investment, business and citizens

Benefits for residents:

Daily source of air quality information through MyAirly map and mobile app

Significant help in planning outdoor activities for inhabitants

A healthier society saves on medical care

Increased social responsibility and eco-awareness

Airly is a comprehensive SaaS solution for air quality monitoring and control

01 Measure


to monitor real-time air quality


comprehensive knowledge and technical support

Report Generator

to monitor real-time air quality

Customer success partner

onboarding and regular check-ins.


with local environmental and climate conditions to increase accuracy.

Sensor management tool

to monitor the status of the sensor network.


to enable better planning.

Airly PM

air quality sensor

Social Impact Tracker

to monitor real-time air quality, lang

Case Studies: