Opole City, Poland

Opole City, Poland — this is a very important industrial area where air pollution exceeds tolerable levels for more than 60 days each year. The town’s poor air quality is caused by industrial chimneys, but this is not the only one source of air pollution. Another cause is much closer to home: outdated coal furnaces are a regular means of household heating in the town which increases pollution and smog formation (especially in winter).


The scope of the project covers 4 years (2018 – 2022), and it’s split into 3 main steps.

The preparation of an air quality monitoring network with a customized air quality monitoring system in the form of a dedicated desktop map and mobile application. This included designing the layout, agreeing on the locations of air pollution sensors and obtaining approvals for the installation of 25 devices, coordinating the assembly of the sensors, and ensuring a trouble-free launch of information platform and mobile application.
Implementation – installation of sensors in target locations, carrying out test measurements and calibration of devices to local conditions along with the preparation of reports. Presentation and maintenance of continuous air quality measurements and publication of data in the form of e-services.
Keeping alive and servicing the air pollution monitoring system from its launch until January 31, 2022 – conducting constant measurements, publishing data as part of the e-service and preparing current reports on the system operation and data results.

The results:

Measurement results are available via the dedicated map (see here) and an application containing information about air quality in Opole for each sensor. Air quality is presented in an easy and clear way. There are graphics that change their color and expression depending on the pollution level and numerical form (CAQI scale), along with information for all residents on the subject of correct behaviors determined by the current quality of air. Comments are distinguished and adapted also for people particularly sensitive to bad air conditions, such as  asthmatics, elderly citizens, pregnant women and young children.

Benefits for the city and its citizens:

  • Reliable and verified real-time air measurements.
  • Dedicated platform and mobile application, so that each resident of Opole has unlimited and free access to up-to-date measurement data.
  • Fight for clean air. The localization of the sources of air pollutants so that we can precisely analyze their spread.
  • Education and building awareness among citizens.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Building the image of the modern city. Taking care of clean air and implementing innovative solutions have a positive effect on the attitude of residents.

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