Nafas – The Air Quality App Built For Jakarta

About Nafas:

The Air Quality App Built For Jakarta.
Jakarta’s largest network of air quality sensors, so everyone in Jakarta can have the most accurate air quality data for your everyday life. Our mission is simple – people need to be aware of the air they breathe, and the impact that the quality of air has on their health and their life.


Jakarta, Indonesia with a population of 25 mln habitats has a dense city architecture and landscape, and therefore reference stations are not a possibility due to strict regulations concerning their placement. 

Many different sources of air pollution are located in Jakarta and in the suburbs, creating many different types of pollutants. Measuring air quality in just a few points in the city would not deliver reliable information on the overall air quality in Jakarta, so the only solution for this task was a dense network of sensors that are calibrated according to the specific environment of the city and constantly supervised.

The project:

Delivery of 120 Airly sensors to be located in Jakarta. Data visualisation will be on the mobile app BreatheJakarta. (for Android, for iOSThe solution is based on Airly air quality sensors which show real-time measurements using the AQI scale. All sensors are remotely maintained via Airly Sensor Manager software and constantly calibrated. 

The process of installing sensors that require only a power source and GSM range was quick and straightforward, and the lockdown aided this even more. Whereas the installation of reference stations is more time-consuming and often requires construction works, low-cost devices do not require building permits, are much more easily maintained and therefore their installation process is much less invasive. 

Piotr Jakubowski, co-founder:

“We are extremely impressed and happy with the partnership that Airly has been able to provide the nafas team in Indonesia. The setup was incredibly simple, and the collaboration with the team in Poland allows us to get sensors live on our platform in just a matter of hours.” 

The Results:

Our Partner Nafas has successfully launched the mobile application for habitats. During the months from launch it has been delivering air quality updates to thousands of people. The app has also been designed to provide ecommerce options and sell air purifying equipment to its users.

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