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Airly for Media

Best source for air quality news

Every day we provide air quality data to media outlets reaching millions of recipients. Thanks to our API, publishers can implement the Airly feed to any platform they need.

Engaging content for all

Whether it’s a popular web portal, TV weather forecast, radio news broadcast or a printed newspaper, Airly is a reliable and easily adaptable source of air quality data.

Past, present, future

We update our measurements every few minutes, 24/7, so you can be sure your audience will get the latest results. Thanks to our AI-based air quality forecast, you can also tell your audience about the air they will be breathing tomorrow. Another useful tool is Airly’s custom reports, which enable you to dig into the bigger picture concerning air pollution in a particular area.

Our data makes your stories

Our data is not only numbers and statistics. Very often it becomes a source of serious debate about air quality, currently a hot media topic, and frequently the beginning of effective actions towards the fight for cleaner air.


Easy and flexible access through Airly API

Real-time data delivered 24/7

Air pollution forecast with verifiability reaching 95%

Trustworthy, impartial source of data

A perfect source for widely discussed media topics

An easily accessible customer service

Meet our customers:

Air quality reports for media

Keep your users well informed about the air quality around them with twice-daily Airly reports. Everything you need to upgrade your weather news. No tech-skills required.

Contact us →to receive air quality data for your region.

What’s inside:

PM1, PM2,5, PM10 concentration and CAQI index data for your country

Sourced from official national reference stations and Airly’s sensors

Averaged from past 3 hours and 24h forecast or by custom requirements


Delivered in you mailbox

Need custom report’s configuration?Contact us →

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