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Airly raises $2M. A word from Airly’s CEO Wiktor Warchałowski

When we were starting out, the goal was to provide ultra-local, accurate, predictive air pollution data for our own city. Right now, Airly is available in over 30 countries, delivering air quality data to millions of people across the globe and addressing one of the biggest environmental threats in the world.

I’m confident that with the knowledge and experience of world-class experts, we will reach our ultimate goal: to become a single source of air quality data, globally. This is such a crucial problem to solve, as 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air.

It’s amazing to think that this all began with tech university alumni preparing for a marathon in their city. Now, the next long-distance race is our effort to #RepairTheAir around the globe. Hopefully, the entire world will run with us.

Read more about Airly’s latest $2M round of financing – a TechCrunch story.

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