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#RomaniaRespira campaign helps to build air quality monitoring network in 18 Romanian cities

78 air quality sensors in 18 cities all across Romania. Airly just announced the final results for #RomaniaRespira crowdfunding campaign with Philips Romania.

The goal of the initiative is to empower individuals and communities in Romania with knowledge about the air they breathe. After #RomaniaRespira campaign, Airly’s network in this country consists of 101 real-time data air quality sensors in 41 cities that cover 400km2 surface with its measurements.

The campaign was held through special website Romaniarespira.ro and local crowdfunding platform BursaBinelui.ro. An individual, who wanted to take part in the campaign could either donate for an air quality sensor in their area or to buy a sensor. In case of a purchase, the partner of the campaign – Philips Romania sponsored another device that would be installed in selected destination. Each donor or buyer received a voucher for air purifier that could be used for a discount in Philips Romania online store.

-It’s exciting that our vision of building local community empowered networks of sensors that allow an easy access, real-time air quality information for individuals and city authorities is adopted in countries such as Romania, where awareness about air pollution is growing rapidly. We are thrilled to be the ones who disrupt and revolutionize the market and we are looking forward with optimism to the next steps of our mission, which is the fight for fresh air in Romania and other countries of the world – says Wiktor Warchałowski, CEO and co-founder of Airly.

-We are delighted that our partnership with Airly reached successful results that confirm our goal from the beginning: to focus on solutions to inform and educate people about the air quality effects on health. It’s impressive how much the air quality network extended in Romania with the engagement and support of the citizens, NGOs, bringing on the public agenda the air pollution topic and an open dialogue with the authorities. Also, we’ve contributed to a considerable increase of awareness about the indoor air quality, with people understanding the impact on health and the importance of prevention – adds Bianca Severin, Home Care Business Marketing Manager at Philips Romania.

Airly is planning a second edition of #RomaniaRespira campaign starting 1st of October 2020. The company hopes to extend the network up to 400 Airly PM sensors across the country. Aditionally, it hopes to raise awareness about the importance of photochemical (gas) air pollution in Romania and install at least 20 Airly Gas Sensors in the biggest cities of the country.

Airly delivers a complete air quality monitoring system that consists of sensors, online map and mobile app with access to real-time air quality measurements, API, analytics panel and an AI-driven air quality forcast. Currently company’s network features over 3000 air quality sensors installed in 25 countries.

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