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How to Talk to Children About Climate Change?

Conversations with children can be a bit tricky, especially when talking about complex and multi-faceted issues. Contrary to what you may think, kids know more than you expect. How to talk to children about climate change? Keep reading!

Although the vast majority of parents believe that children should be educated about air pollution and climate change, only few of them decide to discuss the problem with their kids.

How to teach children about pollution and climate?

With all probability, your child has already heard about climate change. Since topics related to the environment are becoming increasingly popular, they somehow permeate the consciousness of kids. Therefore, to avoid disinformation, make sure that your children obtain information from a reliable source, meaning a teacher or a parent.

If you don’t want to overwhelm your kids, talk to them directly and prevent them from browsing fake news or learning from their friends.

how to talk to children about pollution

Analyse the age

How to talk to children about pollution? First and foremost, remember to consider the age of your bundle of joy.

Kids under six

Kids under six aren’t able to comprehend climate change directly, therefore, in their case it’s much better to catch their attention and teach them about nature, life cycles and basic ways to take care of living organisms.

At this stage, you may use phrases stating that the planet is your home, or that pollution is like a blanket that is created by people and that heats the planet.

Kids aged seven – twelve

If your kid is between seven and twelve years old, you can be more direct and begin the conversation by verifying the knowledge of your child. This is the right time to start naming feelings and emotions.

At this stage, you may use questions like:

  • What do you know about climate change?
  • Do you want to learn more with me?
  • Can you name your feelings?

Kids over thirteen

Kids over thirteen are more knowledgeable about air pollution and climate change, therefore, you may gradually implement specialist terminology. Don’t prevent teenagers from accessing information on their own, answer questions, and stay open-minded.

How to talk to children about air pollution? The takeaway

Talking to children about air pollution and climate change isn’t a piece of cake. To make sure that your kids understand you correctly, tailor your communication and vocabulary to their age.

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