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15 Most Polluted Cities in the UK

Despite having much to offer, numerous towns in the UK aren’t particularly reputable among citizens due to high air pollution levels and smog. What are the most polluted cities in the UK? Check out our article!

As reported by the World Health Organization, more than forty cities in the United Kingdom exceed the officially set limits. Unsurprisingly, the list includes the biggest towns in England such as London, Swansea, or Manchester. However, there are also smaller cities where living isn’t particularly health-beneficial.

Smog and air pollution – why are they so dangerous?

It seems that fewer and fewer people care about smog and air pollution, as we simply think that there is little we can do to improve the situation. In the meantime, smog can have a dramatic impact on health and may contribute to the development of serious health conditions such as:

  • respiratory conditions,
  • circulatory conditions,
  • asthma,
  • allergies,
  • nausea,
  • difficulties with concentration,
  • heart attacks,
  • miscarriages,
  • or even death.

As you can see, the repercussions can be serious, therefore, if possible, it’s worth taking certain steps to minimise your exposure to harmful substances:

  1. Use public transportation whenever possible,
  2. Benefit from air sensors and apps that will help you make informed decisions and don’t spend time outdoors when the air quality is bad,
  3. Don’t use coal, colourful magazines, cardboard, or rubbish to heat your home.

To determine air quality levels, you can use special tools and devices such as air sensors, apps, and maps. Since numerous solutions are available online for free, it’s worth taking advantage of the opportunity and monitoring surrounding air.

UK most polluted cities

15 most air polluted cities in the UK:

  1. Manchester,
  2. London,
  3. Swansea,
  4. Leeds,
  5. Leicester,
  6. Liverpool,
  7. Nottingham,
  8. York,
  9. Plymouth,
  10. Londonderry,
  11. Norwich,
  12. Birmingham,
  13. Brighton,
  14. Oxford,
  15. Portsmouth.

UK most polluted cities – the takeaway

Unfortunately, it turns out that living in big cities frequently equals breathing in polluted air. As smog is extremely dangerous to health, it’s worth doing our best to limit our exposure to harmful substances and to change our habits to be more eco-friendly.

Are you wondering what the main sources of air pollution in the UK are? Read our article!

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