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6 Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home

Although it may seem to you that only the outdoor air is polluted and harmful for health, it’s worth mentioning that according to research, substances found indoors can be even more dangerous. How to improve air quality at home? Continue reading to discover our 6 tips!

How to improve indoor air quality? 6 useful tips

1. Monitor air quality

It’s hard to solve problems if you don’t know that they exist. If you’re wondering how to improve air quality in a bedroom, you should be able to determine what are the regular parameters in your house and how they change depending on your activities. To obtain reliable data, benefit from professional air quality mobile app and air quality sensors that will allow you to stay on your toes.

2. Change air filters on a regular basis

If the abovementioned apps or sensors signalize that your indoor air quality decreased significantly over the last few days, it’s time to check filers and replace them.

3. Let in some fresh air

It’s worth opening windows and door on beautiful days when the smog level is low. Thanks to it, you’ll effectively and quickly ventilate the room. Five minutes should be fully enough to improve air quality in your home.

indoor air quality

4. Invest in plants

Did you know that some popular and affordable plants effectively improve air quality by breathing in carbon dioxide and releasing fresh, clean air? Apart from being useful, they’ll also adorn your living space. Invest in:

  • palm trees,
  • weeping figs,
  • dragon trees,
  • aloe veras,
  • peace lilies.

5. Regularly clean floors and furniture

Although this point may seem obvious, dirty floors and furniture may contain various allergens and dust mites, which can have a negative impact on your health and well-being. If you’re thinking how to improve air quality at home, start with washing the carpet, bed and floor.

6. Keep an eye on humidity levels

Too-humid air can cause mold, which triggers allergies or even asthma. Use the above mentioned sensors and keep the humidity level between 30% and 50%.

How to improve air quality at home? The takeaway

Long-term exposure to harmful substances can cause serious health problems. Therefore, it’s worth monitoring useful parameters and taking appropriate steps such as cleaning surfaces or buying special plants to improve indoor air quality.

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