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Tim Smedley: Stop burning stuff!

Tim Smedley – the author of the book “Clearing The Air: the Beginning and the End of Air Pollution”, explained to us what needs to be done first to repair the air around the world. 

Airly’s motto is “Repair the air”, but what does that really mean? Certainly, air quality monitoring is an absolute basis to understand the causes of pollution and determine its scale. This should be followed by significant changes in policy, regulation and education. How can it be done properly? We decided to ask top-tier air quality experts from around the world.

The next person we’ve reached out to is Tim Smedley, author of Clearing The Air: the Beginning and the End of Air Pollution:

What needs to be done first to repair the air around the world?

Tim Smedley: The answer is short and simple: stop burning stuff. I first said it in my book in 2019, and it’s since taken off as a hashtag #StopBurningStuff, because it sums up a straightforward truth: air pollution comes from combustion. And combustion, in an age of electrification and renewable energy, is almost always unnecessary. We have the technology to electrify everything, from heat to transport, powered by renewables – we just need to get on with it.

Tim Smedley

Environment journalist for The Financial Times, BBC, The Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times, New Scientist and more.  His first book Clearing the Air: the Beginning and the End of Air Pollution, published by Bloomsbury’s Sigma Science, was shortlisted for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize 2019. Right now Tim Smedley is working on his second book, The Last Drop: Solving the World’s Water Crisis, to be published by Picador in spring 2022.

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