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AirTalks by Airly: Let’s repair the air #1: Dario Caro [Interview]


“Pollution influences coronavirus in terms of lethality” – says Dario Caro from the Aarhus University (Denmark), the first guest of “AirTalks by Airly” – our new series of interviews with air quality researchers, experts and activists from all around the world.

How air pollution influence the spread and course of coronavirus? What should be the most important steps towards improving air quality around the world? AirTalks by Airly are a series of conversations with outstanding air quality experts and activists from all around the globe raising the issue of air quality in their research.

This first episode’s guest is Dario Caro, PhD – an Environmental Scientist from the Aarhus University in Denmark. Dr. Caro is the co-author (with Edoardo Conticini and Bruno Frediani) of the study finding the link between air pollution in Italy and coronavirus death toll. Read more HERE.

“Pollution influences coronavirus in terms of lethality” – says Dr. Caro, adding that: “people living in polluted areas are more prone to reply in a worse way with this coronavirus (…) in a more technical way, they have an inflamation of cytokine which is a first step to die from coronavirus. People living in polluted areas has already done this first step”.

AirTalks guest has also been asked about his ideas about how to successfully tackle the problem of air pollution around the world. One of his priorities is to “shift to a more sustainable transport sector” such as carpooling, public transport and biking whenever possible.

Watch the full episode of AirTalks by Airly: Let’s repair the air” with Dr. Dario Caro:

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