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AirTalks by Airly: Let’s repair the air #2: Jenny Bates [Interview]


We need to make it easy for people, we have to make the alternatives available – says Jenny Bates, talking about ways we can handle air pollution. The Friends of the Earth campaigner from the UK is the guest of another episode of “AirTalks by Airly” – our series of interviews with air quality researchers, experts and activists from all around the world.

This episode’s guest is Jenny Bates, a London-based campaigner on air pollution for Friends of The Earth organization. Learn MORE

Asked about what should we do to improve air quality around the world, Jenny Bates notes that air pollution is a camplex problem, albeit she seems to be an optimist.

-Total sort of mixture what works for each country depending on the mix of particular pollutants – says the FOAD campaingner, adding that road traffic seems to be the the key issue right now in the UK.

-We need to make it easy for people, we have to make the alternatives available, so the public transport needs to be good and affordable. It needs to be safe to cycle and walk – says Bates.

-We can do all of those things and deliver all points together. It could benefit communities it can benefit the economy because air pollution costs a lot of money in terms of healthcare and productivity problems – summarizes the AirTalks guest.

Watch the full episode of AirTalks by Airly: Let’s repair the air” with Jenny Bates:

How air pollution influence the spread and course of coronavirus? What should be the most important steps towards improving air quality around the world? AirTalks by Airly are a series of conversations with outstanding air quality experts and activists from all around the globe raising the issue of air quality in their research.

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