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#LetSchoolsBreathe: our new campaign for British schools

We are launching #LetSchoolsBreathe campaign at Airly to monitor, inform and educate about air pollution in British schools .

The idea is simple: UK schools that will apply will get an Airly sensor which measures outdoor air quality – particulate matter (PM) and gases – for a 6 month period, completely free of charge.

Throughout the 6 months, we aim to help engage parents, the community and your local council with essential knowledge on the air your pupils breathe, and crucially how it varies by time of day. This information will make a compelling case to your local councillors to implement measures that improve air quality, whether this is through traffic legislation banning cars during times when students are walking along roads or clean air funding to pursue projects that actively improve the air at your school.

If your kids attend to school in United Kingdom, or you know someone that works at school please spread the word about our action. Let’s #RepairTheAir near British schools together.
Schools can apply to join the action here:

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