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Clean Air Schools campaign with Evotech on #CleanAirDay 2021

June 17th marks Clean Air Day in the UK. Evotech Air Quality is offering five schools in Calderdale (in West Yorkshire, UK) a fully funded air quality monitoring program for the next academic year. The schools will also be provided with learning resources to help increase awareness around air quality and encourage engagement within the school community.

The chosen schools will receive sets consisting of both outdoor and indoor air quality sensors (by Airly and Airthings respectively) to provide accurate, real-time data, and expertise throughout the year on how schools can actively improve air quality, along with monthly reports.

Schools will be alerted when air quality is poor and will be able to remediate any indoor air quality issues with Evotech Air Quality’s professional engineering expertise.

Schools from Calderdale that are interested in the Clean Air Schools campaign can register their interest on the campaign page. Entries close at midnight on Friday 2nd July 2021 and successful schools will be announced on Thursday 8th July 2021.

“Accurate monitoring of particulate matter (PM) and dangerous gases like NO2 should become standard for any educational institution. These pollutants have a significant impact on the health and well-being of young students. We are glad that thanks to Evotech’s initiative, schools in Calderdale will join the growing number of institutions that breathe consciously. It is also a great lesson for the entire educational community that with data, knowledge, and expertise, we can have a positive impact on the world we live in.” – says Wiktor Warchałowski, CEO and co-founder of Airly.

Register your interest: info@evotechairquality.co.uk

Recently, Airly conducted a successful #LetSchoolsBreathe campaign in which 50 schools from across the UK received free air quality monitors. The monitors will be up for 6 months and each school will receive bespoke analysis on air quality in their area. This will help them learn about measures that should be taken to tackle the air pollution near their facilities.

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