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Bolt launches the Green category in Romania with Airly

Bolt, the main European on-demand transport platform, introduces today, on Earth Day, the Bolt Green category, in partnership with Airly. Users from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara will be able to choose hybrid or electric cars, directly in the application.

Thus, the Estonian company continues to comply with the Green Plan launched in 2019, through which all Bolt trips in Europe are 100% neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions and with the company’s commitment to neutralize the carbon footprint generated by its international trips, by supporting several large-scale environmental projects.

Cristian Sălceanu, Country Manager of Bolt Romania, said: “Urban pollution has been a central theme in Romania in recent months and the press has shown us both its causes and its effects on our health. Bucharest remains constantly in the top of the most polluted cities in Europe and the pollution generated by cars is one of the main reasons. Through the Green category in the Bolt application, we come to the aid of people and authorities in combating these harmful effects and we are pursuing the environmental objectives that we have assumed in recent years. At the moment, we have hundreds of electric and hybrid cars, but we hope to develop this category in the not too distant future and, why not, to have entire fleets of electric and / or hybrid cars. ”

The Green category is currently available only for Bolt users in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara. After the user sets the destination in the application, the Green category will appear after the Bolt option, the price being displayed on the right.

“The situation in Romania is serious. Number of days in Q1 2021 with levels of NOX and PM 2.5 hazardous to health was about 35%. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the main component of traffic-related air pollution responsible for emissions 40% of NOx in Europe. Research shows that traffic-related air pollution can cause inflammation of the airways and asthma. Kings College London researchers found that psychotic symptoms are much more common among adolescents living in areas with the highest exposure to NO2 and particles PM2.5.

We are glad to see companies like Bolt joining our mission to reduce air pollution in Romania, with solutions like the Green category. The pollution has reached critical levels, threatening the health and well-being of the population, while choosing a green means of transport can considerably improve the quality of the air we breathe. This partnership is an important step for Airly and our goals, and every action we develop in order to reduce air pollution will turn into a visible progress” – says Iulian Paval, Sales Director of Airly in Romania.

To encourage users to choose this category, until May 2, Bolt offers discounts for the Green category, which varies depending on the degree of pollution in the area where an order is placed. The discounts are granted according to the air pollution index, measured by Airly in the three cities. These are announced daily on Bolt’s Instagram page, @bolt_romania.

About Bolt

Bolt is the largest European mobility platform, which aims to make urban mobility more accessible, convenient and responsible. Bolt has over 50 million registered users in over 40 countries in Europe and Africa. Its services range from ride-hailing, to micromobility with scooters and electric bicycles, to the delivery of food and packages. All Bolt races in Europe are 100% carbon neutral as part of the Bolt Green Plan, a long-term commitment to reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

About Airly 

Airly is an European company offering a complete air quality monitoring system. At the moment, the interactive Airly pollution map (available via the website and a free mobile application) collects data from over 10,000 measurement points around the world. Airly air quality sensors are installed in over 30 countries on four continents of the globe. The company’s mission is to educate and raise public awareness of the importance of air quality and its impact on our health and well-being.

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