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Airly at the London Tech Week

On September 21, CEO and co-founder of Airly Wiktor Warchałowski participated in the #ClimateTech panel as part of the London Tech Week. The topic of the discussion was “The Climate Tech City of the Future: The tech to solve the 10 billion population problem”.

ClimateTech is presented by London Tech Week, in association with Founders Forum. The event formerly hosted global climate leaders including David Attenborough (2018) and Al Gore (2019); the event is now expanding its platform, with an emphasis on the technological innovation required and the entrepreneurs who will deliver it.

The challenge is stark: the world has ten years to halve global greenhouse gas emissions; by 2050 we need to achieve net-zero to avoid global warming of above 1.5C. Every sector of the global economy needs to be transformed and climate technology is central to achieving this goal.

ClimateTech signifies the launch of a new platform: a dynamic global community of innovators, venture capital, corporate partners, academia, and government that will define the way to net-zero.

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