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Airly won the Top Eco Innovation Award

On September 23 2021, Green Energy Congress was held at the ICE Kraków Congress Center in Poland. A part of that event was announcing the winners of the Top Eco Innovation Award. Airly won the main prize in this contest.

The Jury of the Top Eco Innovation competition in an open vote selected the winners:

1st place: Airly (air quality monitoring systems)

2nd place: Euroloop (WILLBERT Amber I – ultra-fast, high-performance DC charger for electric cars),

3rd place: Beemmunity Unlimited (Beelife by Beemmunity)

Distinction of the GEC Organizer, Pumplab Portal: Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibers ((Ecological protective mask).

 The first edition of the Green Energy Congress was divided into three stages: energy, industry and society. The Congress is an event that builds awareness and the trend of ecological efficiency. The hybrid formula of the congress enables live participation – ICE Kraków Congress Center – and online participation in the event.

The Green Energy Congress focused on the transformation of the Polish energy system into one of low-emission and renewable energy.

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