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How to use the Airly solution in building an ESG strategy or CSR campaigns?

In the times of the climate crisis and growing concerns about the future of our planet, the topics related to the fight for cleaner air hit the headlines. For good reason – the latest figures show that each year air pollution contributes to 400,000 deaths in Europe alone.

Therefore, if your company is looking for an effective idea for a campaign or the entire sector of ESG and CSR activities, Airly provides both a complete solution as well as a wide range of proven ideas on how to engage customers or selected communities in the fight for cleaner air.

What is ESG?

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is the result of a company’s evaluation of social and environmental factors. It can be described as the social credit assessment of enterprises. As the latest research shows, such intangible assets constitute an increasing percentage of the company’s future value.

What is CSR?

CSR, or corporate social responsibility, is a concept according to which enterprises take into account social interests and environmental protection, as well as relations with various stakeholder groups. This means investing in environmental issues, human resources and all kinds of charity work. Such expenses should be treated as an investment and a source of innovation, not as a cost of the enterprise.

Why are companies using these strategies?

In short, taking into account ESG criteria in the strategy may contribute to increasing competitive advantage, positively influencing the financial results of the enterprise as well as contributing to more effective financing or lowering the operational risk. In recent years, the aspect of the company’s impact on the environment and society, as well as the way the company is managed, is particularly appreciated.

Similarly in the case of CSR. In addition to the above-mentioned criteria, the company’s socially responsible activity translates not only into the perception of the company in the industry, but also contributes to strengthening the image as a place with a vision and guided by specific values. This makes the company a desired brand both by customers and potential employees.

The criteria below indicate when and what companies should particularly think about implementing an ESG strategy

  • Private Equity portfolio companies
  • Companies planning an IPO / bond issue
  • Global investors (also smaller entities after 2025)
  • Listed companies
  • Companies applying for bank financing
  • Companies that care about the environment and local community
  • Transformation leaders
  • Companies wishing to acquire talent

What companies see the effects of ESG implementation?

90 percent of tech companies are seeing the positive effects of their ESG initiatives
56 percent of the surveyed companies indicate the ecological aspect – increasing raw material efficiency and reducing pollution.

How to use the Airly air quality monitoring system as an element of ESG / CSR strategy

Almost 1,500 people participated in a survey conducted in 2021 among employees of companies associated in the “Business versus smog” project. As many as 65% of them admitted that they are considering changing their place of work and residence due to poor air quality in the place where they work. The vast majority of respondents, as many as 87% believe that the quality of the education system in the field of counteracting air pollution in Poland is at least insufficient, of which almost 30% describe these activities as “very bad”.

Installing Airly air quality sensors on the premises of your company or in selected places dedicated to specific social groups – schools, kindergartens, hospitals or e.g. parks is a measurable and tangible contribution of the company to the well-being and awareness of a given community about air pollution issues.

Knowledge about current air pollutants allows communities to react to current air quality conditions (e.g. by choosing public transport instead of a car or reducing time outdoors when the air quality is bad) and to educate specific social groups about the dangers of smog , and ways to improve air quality.

Examples of award-winning CSR campaigns using the Airly solution:

Children learn about air pollution with Airly, Veolia and Onet

Aviva: campaign I know what I’m breathing

PwC program “Business versus smog”

Intelligent advertising for the Decathlon store

#LetSchoolsBreathe schools Campaign in the UK

If you are interested in implementing an ESG strategy or CSR campaign in your company, please contact us via our contact form.

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