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Airly will compete in the prestigious competition in Monaco

Airly will take part in Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina – a unique ecosystem gathering on 20th September in Monaco.

At this gathering of those working on innovative solutions from startups to big companies alongside investors and marina promoters this first Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous is an opportunity to delve deeper into this ecosystem’s potential in a varied programme that includes presentation of innovations, networking between investors and start-ups, and time set aside to discuss the key issues, needs and responses.

With the aim being to put the spotlight on many innovative solutions, the catalogue references 55 start-ups from 30 countries, selected by Bluemorpho out of more than hundred who applied.

Of these only 15 will be selected and have the opportunity to present their project to a Grand Jury with a chance of winning one of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards on 20th September 2021.

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