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Airly involved in the CoMobility project in Poland

What if people valued efficient, safe and environmentally friendly urban driving more than having their own car?

CoMobility is a transdisciplinary international research project which analyzes mobility attitudes and behaviors, in particular alternative services to private cars. In the co-creation process, we will identify barriers and opportunities in the dissemination of different modes of travel, and find activities that will facilitate a permanent habitual change in the ways of transport. Together with local communities, entrepreneurs and officials, we want to create climate-neutral solutions, and we plan to share our Warsaw experiences and research results with local governments and other cities in Poland and Europe. The effects of the project are a set of methods for co-creating new transport solutions and tools for assessing their impact on air quality in Warsaw. The results (integrated transport and environmental model and methodology for co-creating transport solutions) will be widely available and discussed during workshop meetings with potential users.

The CoMobility team consists of scientists from three Warsaw universities (University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw School of Economics), physicists (NILU) and anthropologists (FNI) from Norway, as well as members of the Warsaw non-governmental organization “On the spot” Foundation, and representatives of the city of Lublin. The authors of the project also work closely with the City of St. Warsaw, the City of Krakow and the Association of Polish Cities.

As part of CoMobility, Airly provides sensors that allow for the study of the impact of specific communication solutions on air quality. In addition, weather parameters and noise levels are also measured (thanks to Svantek devices)

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