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Schools in the UK still have a big problem with air pollution. But they are no longer helpless

Pupils in the UK have returned to school. Unfortunately, there are still a worrying number of schools exposed to pollution levels exceeding WHO standards. Fortunately, there are more and more initiatives to help schools tackle this problem.
Recently, Airly conducted a study based on available air pollution monitoring sources which showed NO2 levels were greater than WHO acceptable levels near 41% of UK schools.
What is NO2 or nitrogen dioxide? It is a pollutant gas which increases the risk of asthma and exacerbates its symptoms in children, reduces lung function and increases the likelihood of inflammation of the airways. The main sources of NO2 are road traffic (fuel combustion) and heavy industry.
Pollutants such as NO2 and PM10 affect health and learning ability. Several studies from recent years prove that air pollution can harm cognitive intelligence, while other studies have proven that reducing air pollution can significantly increase the memory of young people.
What is more, the new analysis by Airly has shown that schools in socially deprived areas are more susceptible to higher levels of air pollution.

Recently, 50 UK schools received Airly pollution monitors to learn more about air quality and combat high NO2 levels filtering into British cities This initiative is part of Airly’s  ‘LetSchoolsBreathe’ campaign. Airly received over 100 applications from primary and secondary schools across the country for the air pollution monitors.

Evotech Air Quality offered five schools in Calderdale (in West Yorkshire, UK) a fully funded air quality monitoring program for the next academic year. The schools will also be provided with learning resources to help increase awareness around air quality and encourage engagement within the school community.

The devices measure concentrations of NO2, O3 and PM1, PM2.5, PM10 in  real-time allowing people to quickly react to emergency scenarios but also to put in place longer term measures to safeguard their environment.
Many of the schools are located in flight paths or near main roads in the most polluted areas of the UK and will benefit greatly from the data insights and trends. The campaign has caught the attention of parents, teachers and activist groups who all want to help improve the air young people breathe. Local authorities have also taken note.
If you want to keep up to date with air pollution levels in the UK, consider using our mobile app or online air pollution map. It provides you with real-time data collected by sensors that have been distributed at various points of the specific cities. You can check the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure in addition to the concentration of particulate matter and toxic gases.

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