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#ŞcolileRespiră – our new campaign for schools in Romania

We have launched a new campaign for schools in Romania called #ŞcolileRespiră.

Poor air quality has a negative impact on the entire population, but children are most prone to respiratory diseases caused by polluted air. Thus, we turn our attention to them and officially announce the launch of the #ŞcolileRespiră (#SchoolsBreathe) project, through which we aim to offer free, for a period of 6 months, 50 PM sensors to schools in the most polluted areas. 

What does this campaign entail?

  • We offer an Airly sensor for 6 months, completely free.
  • We constantly monitor the level of particulate matter pollution in the vicinity of the school where it is located.
  • We share the results and insights, which means that anyone interested (parents, local community or even local authorities) will be able to access this data free of charge through our application or map to initiate steps to reduce pollution in the school area.

The project is being carried out in partnership with Philips and Bolt in Romania, who will support the program by providing zero-emission travel vouchers and donating air purifiers to schools in the most polluted areas.

Do you find it interesting and want to know more?
Visit #ScolileRespira website (in Romanian).

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