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Bolt kicks off Green category with Airly

Bolt introduces the Bolt Green category in partnership with Airly. Residents of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Katowice, Kraków, Sopot and Warsaw will be able to choose electric or hybrid taxis in the application. To encourage the users of the application to choose this category, promotional codes will be available on bolt_poland for the next 7 days. Their value will correspond to the current level of smog in a given region according to Airly data. The more pollution, the cheaper it will be to drive Bolt Green.

To take advantage of cheaper rides in the Bolt Green category, user can simply enter the code provided on bolt_poland in the app, appropriate for one of the 6 cities on a specific day and order a taxi with the Bolt Green icon. The value of the codes will correspond to the forecasted smog level calculated by Airly, a brand that has created a complete system for air quality monitoring, as well as a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm that enables air quality forecasting.

We are excited about the fact that companies like Bolt are actively joining the mission of reducing air pollution in Poland with solutions like the Green category.

In the winter months, pollution in our country often reaches levels that are dangerous to our health and well-being. Such a symbolic action as choosing a “green” means of transport shows that we are able to measurably improve air quality in our country. And the sum of small steps made by many of us will finally translate into noticeable progress said Marcin Gnat, PR & Communication Manager at Airly.

The data published in the #ODDYCHAJPOLSKO 2020 report by Airly shows that quitting smoking and improving the quality of inhaled air can extend life by an average of 8 years. It is estimated that due to air pollution in Poland there are about 40-45 thousand premature deaths. Moreover, in the current situation, it is estimated that the number of COVID-19 cases increases by 100% when the concentration of dust pollution increases by 20%.

We, as Airly, try to provide people in Poland with the best, hyperlocal data on what they are breathing at a given moment. However, success in the fight against smog in our place of residence depends on each of us, ordinary citizens. It is in our everyday, seemingly small decisions that the power to make the air in our country better – added Marcin Gnat.

The biggest barrier to convincing users to choose electric cars is the higher price of journeys. We decided to take this cost ourselves, and thanks to our financial discounts, fares in the Bolt Green category will be cheaper than in the regular category. In turn, making discounts dependent on the current air quality will mean that users will use them when the environment needs it most said Maksymilian Malicki, Global Brand Manager at Bolt.

Responsibility for the welfare of the environment has long been an important goal of the Bolt platform. As of 2021, Bolt Rentals (scooter rental operations) is reducing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it produces. Bolt’s declaration regarding the negative CO2 emissions of e-scooters is the next step after the introduction of “green tidying”, i.e. the global Bolt Green Plan, which was launched in October 2019. As part of the plan, Bolt has committed to balancing the platform’s CO₂ contribution to the European transport sector by at least 5 million tonnes by 2025.

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