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Airly visited the Mayor of the City of Kraków

Last month, we had the opportunity to host the office of the incumbent Mayor of the City of Kraków – Mr. Jacek Majchrowski. This invitation resulted from Airly’s victory in the prestigious competition of the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland in the Startup PL category.

The guests at the meeting – Wiktor Warchałowski, CEO and co-founder of Airly, and Marta Szemraj, Country Manager Poland, had the opportunity to speak with the President about the city’s current policies in the fight for clean air and upcoming plans for the fall-winter smog season.

Kraków became the first city in Poland, on September 1, 2019, to introduce a complete ban on the use of solid fuels to heat houses in all its territory. This law was preceded by a program to help residents replace harmful furnaces and take advantage of more ecological forms of heating.

This action was a pioneering step in Poland proving that an effective fight against air pollution is possible. Already after the introduction of the ban on smoking with solid fuels, the phenomenon of “The Kraków Bagel” gained popularity – a ring of bad air formed around the city limits of Kraków from neighboring municipalities when weather conditions favor smog. This phenomenon was widely commented on in the media and on the sidelines of Polish local governments, but its observation would not be possible if there weren’t over 100 Airly sensors installed in and around Kraków.

The Kraków Bagel effect. Source: map.airly.org


We are very proud that our company was founded and functions in Kraków – the heart of Małopolska. We also appreciate the fact that our voivodeship is becoming a pioneer of decisive and ambitious actions to combat air pollution.

Do you want your local government to partner with Airly? Write to us.

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