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Airly and Onet report #OddychajPolsko 2021 coming soon

On November 14 – traditionally Clean Air Day, this year’s edition of the Airly and Onet report entitled #OddychajPolsko will be released. It is an in-depth analysis of air quality in Poland and the world.

The latest edition of the annual report includes a number of analyzes prepared by the Airly data analysis department regarding air quality in Poland and in the world. Is the smog in our country in retreat, or maybe the opposite? Where have effective steps been taken in the fight against pollution and where are such measures lacking? What can we do to improve the air in Poland?

In addition to a solid dose of knowledge supported by data, the #OddychajPolsko report also includes, as usual, interviews with leading experts and scientists researching the impact of air pollution on human health, as well as interviews with anti-smog activists who fight for clean air.

Among them were: Beth Gardiner, Paweł Ścigalski and prof. Edward Franek.

Moreover – the CEO and co-founder of Airly – Wiktor Warchałowski will be a guest of the Onet Rano program on Friday, November 12. The interview will be broadcast from Oświęcim (Poland), where the Polish Smog Alert has set its big artificial lungs, which are becoming darker and dirtier due to air pollution, thus emphasizing the problem of air pollution in this region.

The annual #OddychajPolsko Airly and Onet report will be published on November 14, 2021. In the meantime, we invite you to read last year’s edition of this publication. Read the #OddychajPolsko 2020 report (in Polish).

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