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Jemima Vivien: air pollution is killing millions

Jemima Vivien – lawyer, human rights activist and founder of Mums For Lungs, explained to us what needs to be done to repair the air around the world. 

Airly’s motto is “Repair the air”, but what does that really mean? Certainly, air quality monitoring is an absolute basis to understand the causes of pollution and determine its scale. This should be followed by significant changes in policy, regulation and education. How can it be done properly? We decided to ask top-tier air quality experts and activists from around the world.

The next person we’ve reached out to is the founder of the Mums For Lungs organization in the UK – Jemima Vivien:

What needs to be done first to repair the air around the world?

Jemima Vivien:

When it comes to repairing the air across the world, I see we see a few conflicting issues (a) there is a heaps of research from across the world highlighting how different sources of pollution are harming all of us very much, but (b) at the same time there seem to be very few political leaders really willing to take the action needed to stop us all from getting sick by breathing. Air pollution is killing millions, costing the economies across the world trillions and the human suffering is immeasurable. So I think, the reason city, country and business leaders get away with it, is the lack of awareness – so I think scientists and civil society need to raise awareness of the public health emergency of air pollution to raise the pressure on all leaders to finally protect our kids from toxic air.

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