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10 facts about working at Airly that you did not know (and are worth knowing)

Many people associate Airly with the fight for cleaner air – and it is a very good association. However, you know us much less “from the inside”. We have decided to change that and invite you behind the scenes of what we do. We’re convinced that you will be surprised.

# 1 Modest “Once”, Impressive “Now”

Indeed, we started out as an  academic project, the work of three graduates of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, and today … the scale of what we do may amaze you. Our air quality sensors are present in nearly 40 countries around the world. They measure pollution in countries as diverse as the US, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. How is this possible? It turns out that the problem of air quality is something that unites people around the world. So, if you want to create solutions that serve people in the farthest corners of our globe – working with us is perhaps the work for you.

# 2 Strength in diversity

Airly is composed of people of all ages. Suffice to say that the age between the youngest and oldest member of our team is 33 years! Our office is located in Krakow, but many of us visit this city only a few times a year when we meet at company workshops or events. Apart from the Polish team, Airly has teams in Great Britain, Romania and the USA. Not only that, but we are also diverse when it comes to Poland itself -. We have people from Poznań and Trójmiasto on board. Each of them brings unique value to the spirit of Airly!

We have 15 women and 43 men on the team. The team consists of people of eight different nationalities.

40% of managerial positions are held by women and 20% of technical positions are also held by women. We care about the balance and promotion of the most talented people, regardless of gender or nationality.

# 3 A parent-friendly place

When a small Smogfighter appears in our group, they can be sure that their mother or father will find the time they need for them. We try to ensure that the parents in our team can flexibly combine work and household duties. And these are not empty words. In our survey, as many as 96% of respondents assessed the working conditions in our company as good or very good. We take the needs of our team members’ children seriously. After all, a happy parent is a happy child. And vice versa.

# 4 Student friendly company

If you are still studying and you are concerned about your work / studies, working at Airly may be a great option for you. With us, you can easily adjust your working hours to your schedule at university, and we perfectly understand the fact that in addition to repairing the air, you attend lectures and prepare for exams. We currently have many people on board who combine work and study, and we appreciate their commitment and the power of fresh ideas.

# 5 Quality made in Poland

From the very beginning, the entire accompanying technology of Airly – air quality sensors, as well as software – the mobile application and the online map, is created in Poland, and more specifically – in Małopolska region. Our research laboratory, where we test and implement our innovations, is also located in our Krakow office. We have the opportunity to actively co-create modern technologies that are later used by people on all continents of the world.

# 6 We protect the startup spirit of the company

Although we are becoming a larger organization, we try to maintain the familial and spontaneous atmosphere that has defined us from the very beginning. We make sure to organize joint activities from time to time, such as the “Festival of flavors” (we cook our favorite dishes and eat them together in the office) or even joint online meetings over a virtual “coffee”, during which catering is delivered to the door by the company itself. The football and volleyball matches Poland versus the Rest of the World, which we play by meeting in an international group, are also becoming a new tradition.

# 7 Remotely equals stationary

We put an equal sign between employees using the office and those who perform their duties remotely – working from home or coworking in another city. The most important thing is the value you bring to our company with your work, not where you are from and where you generally perform your professional duties.

People working fully remote have the same opportunities for development and promotion at Airly as those who come to our Krakow office on a daily basis.

# 8 What matters is the result, not the number of hours spent

The most important thing for us is the quality and timeliness of the work we perform. We hold our employees accountable for it. We do not stick to a rigid  time frame, which gives full flexibility in time management.

We believe that the trust we place in you will pay off. For the members of our team, the value of this, in turn, is that they know the scope of their tasks and feel responsible for their impacts, not for the mere fact of having spent many hours on them.

airly team

# 9 Everyone is important here. And everyone has an impact

Our team consists of software engineers, neural network professors, air quality experts, marketers, sales and customer service specialists. Each of these people has a real impact on the activities of the company. If the idea is good – there is a good chance that not only will it be implemented, but it will happen very quickly.

# 10 You can apply to work with us whenever you want

Even if you do not find current recruitment for your dream position on our website, you can always write to us and present your ideas on how you can help Airly.

We work in an extremely innovative environment, with new ideas every day. If you have a vision of how you can contribute to what we do and to improving air quality around the world – write to us today.

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