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How to Improve Air Quality in Your Community?

We’re slowly approaching winter, which means that there will be a drastic increase of smog in the air. Do we have any impact on the situation and air parameters? How to improve air quality in cities? Keep reading!

Why is air pollution dangerous?

To talk about possible measures you can take to minimise air pollution levels, first it’s crucial to understand what actually causes the problem and why harmful substances found in the air are so dangerous.

During autumn and winter months, we frequently hear about smog (which is a combination of the words “smoke” and “fog”) and increased parameters PM 2.5 and PM 10. On days when the air is particularly polluted, the media and officials try to encourage us to stay at home or use public transportation.

Long-term exposure to harmful substances found in polluted air can be extremely dangerous for health, as it increases the risk of numerous diseases such as:

  • cancers,
  • respiratory conditions,
  • strokes,
  • heart attacks,
  • asthmas,
  • circulatory conditions.

However, as an individual, you can take different precautions to improve air quality in your community.

How to improve air quality in your community?

If you’re wondering how to improve air quality outside, we can provide you with a few suggestions that can effectively decrease air pollution levels around you:

1. Choose a more eco-friendly commute

If you see that air pollution levels are pretty high, benefit from public transportation, ask your co-worker for a lift or ride to work/school by bike. This way you can both save some money and be more eco-friendly.

how to improve air quality outside

2. Don’t burn harmful substances

Although it may seem that a cosy bonfire is a great idea for an autumn evening, remember that burning leaves, branches, rubbish, colourful magazines or other materials has a negative impact on the environment.

3. Conserve electricity

If you see that air is polluted, try to conserve electricity, limit the use of air conditioners and try not to perform household chores (like mowing the lawn) that require gas-powered devices.

How to improve air quality outside? The takeaway

Polluted air is a nagging problem we all need to deal with. Although it might seem there is little you can do to protect the environment, you can always take certain measures to minimise your negative impact on the surrounding air. If you want to stay on your toes, invest in professional air quality sensors that will help you monitor the air quality and make informed decisions.

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