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Recent case study – Airly sensor for schools in Tuen Mun District in Hong Kong

We have recently launched an air quality sensor network in Hong Kong. Here you can read the full description of the project.


Tuen Mun District in Hong Kong is selected as a demonstrative district as funding support is secured from Tuen Mun District Council. Tuen Mun Road, as a major expressway connecting Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan, is known for its high level of traffic volume. According to the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) by the Transport Department, most of the road segments of Tuen Mun Road have a daily traffic of more than 100,000 in 2019. Among various types of vehicles, it is common to see heavy diesel powered vehicles, including buses and trucks, passing through Tuen Mun Road. Surrounded by multiple pollution sources, including roadside, marine, power plant and regional, Tuen Mun is one of the most polluted districts among General Stations as shown by the Environment Protection Department’s (EPD) air pollution data in the past 5 years. The air pollution emitted from the vehicular traffic on Tuen Mun Road is a concern for the community.

About the study:
The study focuses to identify sources of health risk on school children of different socio-economic backgrounds based on their exposure to air pollution in school and at home. 4 school campuses are identified as monitoring zones. Airly sensors are deployed at multiple spots at each school to collect data of particulate matters and nitrogen dioxide level. 400 students will also be recruited to participate in health related survey. It aims to identify the correlation between air pollution and health.

Expected Outcomes:
Using the study result, we hope to initiate discussion and follow up action with school bodies, District Council, Government and the community to identify possible ways of mitigation in terms of school-based, district-based, and public policies.

Project operated by: Clean Air Network, Hong Kong www.hongkongcan.org

Check out the air quality in Hong Kong schools here.


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