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World-class air quality insights for top-tier media. Meet Airly’s data science team

Air quality data is just the beginning. The real challenge is to analyze it and draw appropriate conclusions. At Airly, this is what our Data Science department deals with. Their analyses are used by the most influential media in Europe and around the world.

Airly provides air quality data not just to local governments and private individuals, but also to the media. We work with a number of outlets in Europe that present real time air quality in their weather services. But that’s not all, as the real challenge is to interpret that data and draw conclusions that will improve air quality. Our Data Science team comprises world-class experts who analyse and interpret all of our measurement results. They create the insights used by leading editorial offices around the world.

We also have experts in geography, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) that prepare reports on the most current and socially debatable topics.

The Data Science Airly team consists of:

  • Piotr Kowalski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor at AGH University of Science and Technology; Data Scientist – Machine Learning and AI Expert
  • Marcin Szwagrzyk, M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate, Jagiellonian University, Geographical Researcher and Data Analyst in Airly
  • Aleksander Konior, Head of Data Science, M.Eng., Physicist, AGH University of Technology and Science, co-founder of Airly
  • Ehsan Danesh Ph.D., Air Quality Expert, Ph.D. MRSC, Gas Sensor Scientist, IoT and AI enthusiast
  • Maciej Kusy, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor at Rzeszow University of Technology; Data Scientist
  • Jan Izydorczyk, second-year student of Computer Science at AGH UST and first-year student of Mathematics at the Jagiellonian University

The ranking of the most polluted cities in Europe 

An example of this is our ranking of the most polluted cities in Europe, published this past spring. This “league” of large cities in both the cleanest and most polluted places in Europe has already penetrated the consciousness of readers all over the continent. The results of our analysis were published by influential media outlets like the Daily Mail and ITV, pan-European EU Reporter, Romanian Wall Street.ro and Polish Onet.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

European seaside pollution ranking

In view of the upcoming summer season, we decided to take a look at the coasts of Europe, helping people across the continent to choose their holiday destination consciously, without being exposed to the harmful effects of air pollution. The results of our analysis were groundbreaking, as no one had analyzed air quality like this before. It is no wonder that the conclusions of our analysis were shared with readers by media from around the world like CNN (USA), Daily Mail (UK), GEO (France), NTV (Turkey), Youm7 (Egypt) or Malta Daily (Malta).

We also prepared dedicated analyses in Poland and Romania, in both cases reaching the scientific conclusions that the coastal regions are the least exposed to air pollution.

Source: CNN Travel

Air pollution and its influence on health

When talking about data on air pollution, it is difficult to ignore the health aspect. In early 2020, the entire world faced the great and unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. The topic of connections between the spread of the coronavirus and the air quality in a given area appeared very quickly. In the spring of 2020, Piotr Kowalski and Aleksander Konior analyzed this aspect, reaching conclusions confirming such a relationship. The article was published in a widely read industry website from Great Britain – AirQualityNews.com. In the fall, we examined the theme of increased deaths from COVID-19 in Poland in regions with poorer air quality more closely. The article entitled “Numerical analysis of factors, pace and intensity of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in Poland” was published by the prestigious scientific journal “Ecological Informatics”.


Source: Science Direct

Ebook reports about air quality 

The aim of Airly insights is to prepare reports and analyzes that are interesting for experts and scientists as well as for the widest possible audience, explaining complex phenomena in simple and understandable language. Examples of providing knowledge about the state of air quality are reports in the form of e-books – “Air pollution in Romania and Balkans” and the annual publication prepared with the largest Internet medium in Poland – the Onet portal – “Oddychaj Polsko” (“Poland Breathe”). Every year, publications full of interesting insights, maps and charts are downloaded by several thousand Internet users each year.

Source: Romaniarespira.ro

In pursuit of perfect data

In addition, the daily task of our Data Science department is to develop our air quality forecast based on a proprietary AI algorithm, and improve our calibration methods for Airly’s sensors so that the air quality data is as reliable as possible.

Order your analysis

If you are interested in Airly insights or want to order an air quality analysis for the issues you care about, please reach out via our contact form.

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