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Airly ACT!: a global campaign to heal air pollution hotspots around the world

On Earth Day (April 22th), Airly is announcing the community of The FightAIRs to address the air pollution crisis around the world and the launch of Airly ACT! campaign which goal is to reach places where air quality help is needed the most.

Air pollution problem cannot be solved without real engagement from local communities that really suffer from air pollution. That’s why Airly launches Airly ACT! program to help the communities that are the most affected by air pollution to receive air quality measurement help and thanks to the gathered data, successfully apply for help from the local government or take steps towards solving the problem together. 

The community of people fighting for change is described as The FightAIRs – a group of active people who are not indifferent to the state of air quality and want to be involved in the fight against problem. How?

  • Building an real-time air quality sensors from Airly in their area to describe and analyze the problem with air pollution in their area
  • By providing various types of educational materials to further people in their community
  • Reporting the problem to local authorities
  • By signing a petition for the local government/authorities


The details of the Airly ACT! program will be announced soon. If you are interested or you have further questions, let us know via our contact form HERE or sign to our newsletter to be informed about the launch of our action HERE.

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