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Online webinar about air pollution monitoring in Belarus

Airly and Vida Link would like to invite you to join the online webinar:  “Exchange of Air Pollution Monitoring and Forecast Solutions Using Machine Learning Technologies and Analytics”. 

In 2020 thanks to the project hosted by UNDP and Polish Aid 12 air quality sensors have been installed in major cities of Belarus –  Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev and Gomel The plan assumes that by the end of 2021, it will be possible to provide every citizen in Belarus with information about air quality.  

The purpose of the online webinar is to explain the idea behind the project and to present the air quality data taken from cities in Belarus so far. 

Online webinar agenda:

  1. Airly presentation
  2. VidaLink presentation
  3. Analysis of the environmental data. How air quality can impact our health
  4. Project conclusions
  5. Air MQ NGO project
  6. Q & A

Please join us on Zoom, Thursday, February 4th 2021
Register HERE.

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