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Increased competitiveness of Airly Sp. z o. o. through promotion to foreign markets.

The purpose of the project is to increase Airly’s competitiveness by promoting its main product (Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring System) in foreign markets as part of the IT/ICT industry promotion program.

The applicant wants to focus its marketing and sales activities in Western European countries (France, UK, Germany) and CEE (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania). The United Arab Emirates, which are facing the problem of high air pollution while implementing many innovative technologies within the smart city concept, was chosen as a prospective market.

The activities planned under the project include in particular: participation in foreign fairs, purchase of advisory services related to export activities, training and promotion services. The choice of these types of activities is dictated by the desire to explore foreign markets where the Applicant sees sales potential, and to promote the Polish product brand Airly among potential customers. The project has selected trade fairs and missions abroad as a means to connect the industry with the Airly product and a possible method to link the product to new sales areas.